Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hache, an Italian-based brand rooted in excellent craftsmanship, believes that simple is always best. Though simple pieces are at the core of their company, basic pieces are not. Yes, Hache pieces are easy to wear, comfortable, practical and smart but these qualities do not equate to basic. Rather, Hache pieces are well designed clothes with an air of simplicity to them that is the result of constant questioning, problem-solving and fabric innovation.

This season, Manuela Arcari, Hache’s lead designer since 1990, has redeveloped basics into contemporary staple garments that are seemingly designed for the tricky transitional weather that New York City faces every year. The knitwear collection is comprised of simple yet effective details such as paneling, fastenings and gathering. True to Hache’s methods of reimagining and revisiting, the selection of HACHE at EVA has new shapes and tailoring that are just as easy on the body as they are on the eyes.

Key fastenings and exaggerated cuts mean these garments interact with the body intimately, thus must be worn to fully understand the experimental nature of their shape and flow off the hanger. Think: a draped black knit dress with a hidden clip on the front that can create two diverse looks, a sweater with an oversized neckline that can function as a hood or fall down the back, and Hache’s take on a traditional knit top with triangular side inserts to create volume- reminiscent of a gored skirt.
In New York? Come into the store and have a try for yourself. As always, you can go to EVA’s online store, where you can see more from Hache as well as browse a large selection of pieces from EVA New York.

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