Sunday, August 1, 2010


EVA is beginning to stock the floors with the Fall collections and there’s something for everyone in the first three arrivals from Sally Lapointe, Bedford St. Laundry and Hache.

From Sally, think a striking monochromatic white and black palette with pieces including ultra-cropped jackets, unexpected materials such as neoprene and latex, loose tops with bold printed graphics, sturdy miniskirts and long, hand-printed, elegantly draped gowns.

From Bedford Street Laundry’s first-ever collection, think rich Fall hues of green, purple, and, of course, black, found in colorblock dresses, angular cocoon coats, assymetrical cropped jackets and cardigans, skintight legging-like pants, and unexpected design details like a jacket with a twisted back.

Lastly, from Hache think exaggerated cuts, rich fabrics and convertability, with pieces including a draped black knit dress with a hidden clip on the front that can create two diverse looks, a sweater with an oversized neckline that can function as a hood or fall down the back, and Hache’s take on a traditional knit top with triangular side inserts to create volume- reminiscent of a gored skirt.

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  1. neoprene and latex?! yes please.