Saturday, May 5, 2012

Slavoj Zizek on Fashion

Designers Daniel Palillo, Carolina K, Riller and Fount and Gary Graham portray what EVA NY has to offer the astute connoisseur of high-end fashion: always prepared for the eclectic electricity vibrantly steaming from the under-belly of what has become known as NYC.

Under-belly is a term strategically used to echo what the current “rock star” philosopher Slavoj Zizek from Slovenia says and writes prolifically (even if he denies doing it) concerning the avant-garde. Namely, being astute and appreciating high-end fashion is not a way to separate oneself from the proletariat or distinguish oneself as higher than another. Rather, it is a way to incorporate all classes in-to an expressive form. For EVA NY it is via fashion.         

Daniel Palillo’s Skull Ruffle Dress emanate front to back (literally) the darkness inherent within a sexuality that knows no limits. The human imagination needs no more description.

The Marlene Skirt and Yoga Jump Suit by Carolina K present one with the Mexicana flare not readily available in NYC. There has never been sexier Yoga attire and the skirt mirrors the constant flow of the city.

Riller and Fount’s Theona Gathered Maxi says it all in its name. Theona in Greek Mythology translates as “The Gift of God.”

The Floral Jacquard Dress by Gary Graham breathes elegance. What more could be said then the re-telling of true story. This dress vibrantly exudes ecstatic love and won the heart of a man by the woman wearing it on a joyful Eve in NYC.



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