Friday, June 11, 2010


EVA just got in pieces from Logan Neitzel, a New York City-based designer who says he "creates by compulsion." Neitzel's work conveys a sense of aggression, seen through his heavy use of leather and skins, mix of materials, and dismissal of the notion that a garment with raw edges isn't finished. After a childhood in Idaho that was included "bucking hay by day and sketching alongside his mom's fashion magazines at night," he found himself at Seattle for design school, and his time since then has been marked by a run on Project Runway, where he made it to one challenge from the finale, and showing his first collection at NYFW.

As for the pieces on the rack at EVA now, think a pair of murky greenish-blue marbled paneled leggings, leather-pocketed tanks, a crocodile duffel and coin purse, leather epaulets, and a mesh-concealed center panel dress black dress with tiny tears to reveal the same marbling effect seen in the leggings. Or just look below and read his write-up while you're at it.

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