Sunday, June 13, 2010


The event hosted by EVA and Mandy Coon last Tuesday also featured up-and-coming accessories designer Hillary Taymour's new line, Collina Strada. Only in its third season, the brand's quirky cool and eco-friendly handbags and satchels- and yes, harness wallets that are essentially mini leather vests - have been met with great response for their balance of style and function. Taymour's designs are inspired by vintage ethnic prints updated in canvas and leather. The slouchy hobo style Ferra bags, compact and versatile Sierra satchels, and of course, the leather harness vests worn by Taymour and many of the partygoers, were huge hits at the event.
(the designer, left, with a friend)


  1. I love this vest. I have the Alexander Wang Vest bag but it broke, this would be a great replacement! Lovely

  2. yes! the little zippered pocket on the inside is perfect for carrying everything that one would normally carry in a wallet, but the upside is that everyone gets to see it!