Sunday, September 22, 2013

COCO DOLLE presents "JESSEA" - Thursday September 26, 2013

“Jessea” is a multi media performance experience comprising of a video projection, a 7 minute live appearance, a drawing by the artist. The character of “Jessea” is a mythical creature reminiscence of a ghostly figure, a virgin, a bride, a Goddess.  Drawn from the schematic representation of a family tree, Coco Dolle created Jessea as a metaphorical figure for life and death in constant movement, triggering our common mysterious unveiled memories as she walks and moves her choreographed gestures.  In the realm of the film noir genre, a 8mm video has been created in collaboration with the photographer Andrew Gosselin, as well as an original soundtrack composed by multi talent artist Pierrot with poetical lyrics by Coco. Coco Dolle will perform live in this creation that serves ‘Jessea’ as implements of her world. 
Coco Dolle is a Brooklyn based artist. Her performances and multi-media works such as Coco’s Demoiselles (2007) at Deitch Projects and Through the Small Glass (2010) at Brucennial by Vito Schnabel have explored an iconography of the feminine and it’s social construction in society and the Arts.After studying abstract painting with Larry Poons at The ASL of New York (2001), Dolle has become part of the New York art scene exhibiting and performing at numerous galleries and art fairs. She has shown her pop paintings at Mary Ryan Gallery along with Gerald Laing (2007) and has gained a reputation as a performance artist at Deitch Projects Art Parade (since 2006). Self-taught in photography and video, she has also learned and worked as a muse for many significant artists such as Alex Katz, Andres Serrano, Vanessa Beecroft, Christoph Klauke, Yi-Zhou. Press includes, The New-York Times, The New-York Sun, Daily Candy, BlackBook, ArtForum Diary, The Village Voice.  

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