Saturday, August 25, 2012

Paola Hernández - Fall 2012

Paola Hernández launched her label in 2006 after studying fashion at Saint Martin’s in London and shoe design at ARS Sutoria in Milan. Paola utilizes fashion design as a means of exploring ideas and proposing ways of life that can inspire humanity towards a better state of mind through self-development.

 Her designs are based on philosophical concepts. They translate to the pieces with symbols and details chosen to represent each concept.

This collection is based on the search for the balance between feminine and masculine energies. The feminine represents the possibility, the space that allows for creation to happen, while the masculine represents the act of creating. 

As a result, an androgynous collection is created with unisex pieces that work for both womenswear and menswear.

The garments take some elements and details from tailoring techniques, giving the pieces a masculine character. Paired with this are fabrics that are soft and delicate, giving the pieces a feminine feeling. 

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