Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Eyglo, an Icelandic designer, has created a collection combining the future (her patterns in silhouette) and the organic (her choice of fabrics and printed design). Defying what would appear to be contradictory by allowing the moment of humor to take its place, Eyglo has supplied us with an original creation.

Eyglo’s bathing suits exude a classy-confidence, which pierce the traditional conservative connotations implicit within the meaning of “classical design” by the fact of her un-tamed color appropriation and eygloesque accents.

This makes Eyglo’s summer collection one to be worn by those willing to participate in a lifestyle that understands the practicality of mainstream culture and the benefits of participating in the rawness of life found at the edges. 

*Eyglo is available in store  

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