Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Similar to the nature of crystals, guitar preamp tubes transmit energy. Their purpose is to amplify Sound.

 Inside the vacuum interior rests a very powerful alloy, Mercury. This liquid metal, also known as Quicksilver, represents intellect, communication, and matters of the mind, and it has been an inspiration for countless musicians and artists throughout time. The tubes come from very special places, undisclosed per request from the Source. They carry harmonious vibrations within and should be handled with care. This tube was designed to receive a signal from a guitar and multiply it by the power of ten. May it serve you well. 

Ela J is a guitarist living in San Francisco. She has been playing guitar for 15 years and draws inspiration from a wide variety of styles, including prog, psych rock, acid jazz, new wave, classical and bluegrass. Ela has played in 9 bands and toured throughout the United States and Europe. She currently plays in two bands – Wymond Miles and Nightgown, performing at venues such as The Great American Music Hall (SF) and the Gothic Theatre (Denver). When not on tour Ela spends her time composing, recording and chasing the perfect tone.

See Ela performing with Wymond Miles below.

Ela J’s Sonic Crystals are available in store and online for purchase. If you are one whom subscribes to the power of collective energy in all its productive potentiality, these are a must have. 

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