Saturday, November 13, 2010


EVA is overflowing with gorgeous knits right now in everything from sweaters to XXL thick scarves. See below for a couple of our favorites this season.

You gotta stay warm somehow- why not let these knit-bauble encrusted , dip-dyed piece get the job done?
Henrik Vibskov hat and sweater

From another world entirely. Both available at EVA.
Mandy Coon knit chain and hooded scarves

You didn't know you needed a knitted leather scarf? You do.
Sunghee Bang Bedford Tube Scarf

You know that hat you're always searching for? Here it is.
Sunghee Bang Handknit Devoe Hat

Butterfly Sweater. Enough said.
Boessert Schorn sweater

This sweater gets in the exaggerated shoulder factor without taking from away the wearability-factor.
Stylein Bondi Sweater

One for the guys...or the ladies, because, really, who wouldn't want to wear this?

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