Monday, October 25, 2010

ROCHAMBEAU: Jersey Drapery at its Finest

EVA is happy to add Rochambeau to its designer roster this season. The selection of the line at EVA is full of draped, twisted jersey pieces, suitable for both sexes, and a hooded textured cardigan. See below for a few pictures and and a short interview with the Rochambeau designers.

How many people are on the Rochambeau team?
There are three members of Rochambeau. Michael Venker is the head designer and Josh Cooper and Laurence Chandler manager brand development. In addition, the three members offer each other as sound boards for ideas, concepts and trends for the brand.

When/how did you guys start?
Rochambeau began in 2008 after Michael Venker received a Golden Thimble award at Parsons for design excellence. The three then bonded over menswear and the inception of Rochambeau began.

Can you pick a favorite piece that we have in stock at EVA?
We really love the suspender jersey top- We love the modest construction of the garment by creating a layered front out of a single piece of organic cotton jersey.

Who manages what on your team?
We each manage each other to a degree, but I would say overall Laurence manages the team, and keeps everyone up to date on deadlines and goals.

Why menswear?
Its an area we felt, as men, we could have a strong perspective and direction. We felt like the market is saturated with womenswear and that there was an opening and demand in the market for creative mens pieces with a pragmatic price point.

Do your pieces have an intentional unisex appeal?
In the beginning it wasn't intentional but due to the response that women gave our brand we started toying with the idea of developing the jerseys to fit that market.

Womenswear in the future?
Yes, we are currently developing and coming up with concepts for a women's capsule as soon as A/W 2011.

What are your future plans?
We want to master our team, including our fabric sources, production managers, trim developers and expand into other areas of design and develop relationships with other brands to start collaboration. And then retire at 35. (!)

The Rochambeau designers: Laurence, Michael and Josh.

UPDATE: The Rochambeau jerseys can now be purchased here. quick! they're going fast!

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