Thursday, July 15, 2010


Better known for his furniture design, Fernando Akaska has moved to a smaller scale to work with metals and jewelry construction. Organic and amorphous shapes create a variety of pieces in this collection by the Sao Paolo native, with many of the structures heavily based on natural forms such as bones and claws.

Quality metals are used throughout this collection, and Akasaka incorporates 95% sterling silver in to each piece. The selection at EVA includes miniature claw earrings with intricate markings and concavities that cover the surface. Thin bracelets with a similar surface treatment wrap the wrist in sculpture and unrepeated shapes.

A ring is created from panels of thin mental welded into a circle. Segments of metal are assembled in decreasing length from the middle out, creating the illusion of a spinal cord.  The ring has a shimmer to it that is similar to a shell or precious stone.

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