Friday, February 5, 2010

Feeling Heavy Metal

Remember those old Acne Atacoma's or the mirror wedges that were all over the blogosphere or even your first shoe studding experience?  Looks like shoes and metal are going to be an item for longer than you thought with Balenciaga pre-fall and Chanel Couture incorporating some metallic footwear.

Below is a video of a japanese installation.  It's basically two ferrofluid (magnetic liquid) sculptures moving to music by Testuhide Hidaka.

"Fluid moves synthetically with the music, as if it breathes, and the condition of the fluid's surface emerges as autonomous and complex. In this art we want to harmonize several opposing properties, such as hardness (iron) / softness (fluid) and freedom (desire for design) / restriction (natural powers such as gravity). This work emerges as an autonomous transformation of the material itself: sometimes it seems like a horn, sometimes a fir tree, and sometimes even like the Tower of Babel."

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