Thursday, November 5, 2009


In special collaboration with

In a belligerent commitment to NEW! , BLAND, in a very special collaboration with Eva presents a vibrant and skullcrushing multi- meta- dimensional investigation into the vapid and pedestrian realms of trunk shows in the guise of a gesamtukunstwerk, wrapped inside the disingenuous guise of a trunk show.

Included in this, !A TRUNK SHOW! is BLANDs most recent foray into future primitive performance “trumpeting the ultimate crushing joke: the future seen through an anachronistic looking-glass, the prism of alterity and tacky exoticism allegorized in an unabashedly “fucked up” dance performance” as well as a grouping of special ephemeral “video things” most notably including the BLAND spring summer 2010 performance and a remix of the BLAND spring 2010 performance, composed confusingly to selected musical works of The FALL.

In addition to this special performance !A TRUNK SHOW! Will include a gurgitation of quasi-dubious art works as installation. Featuring sculptures, printed works, multi-media pieces, works on paper, works on pegboard and of course the quintessential BLAND clothing collections of fall winter 2009 and spring summer 2010, All this along with all the other mierda that is supposed to go on at !A TRUNK SHOW!

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